Adventures in IT

This section will have write-ups for first hand experiences that I gather from trouble tickets that I handle in my day job. Each ticket should have a lesson to be taught. It could be a technical fact, an example of an oversight that I may have fallen victim to, or any other random lesson I can think of at the time of writing.

IT Adventure of the Day: "A specified logon session does not exist it may have already been terminated"

Today I was at the office troubleshooting an issue I was having with one of our video rendering servers. I formulated a plan of action to repair the issue I was currently running into, and part of that process was to remove the PC from our Windows Domain, and then, re-join the computer to the domain. Unfortunately, I ran into an error I havent actually seen before: "a specified logon session does not exist it may have already been terminated"

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Ticket #2: Exchange Database Issues, or Something a Bit Different?

Lets flash back to a couple of days ago....

    I walk into the office with a cup of freshly brewed Joe, sit down at my desk getting ready to get my day started. Suddenly I hear a buzzing. I realize that I have to take action as the noise is the cry of the helpdesk line ringing. I answer the phone and thats when the issue is reported to me... 

"All of my Exchange Calendar events are missing!"

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Visual Upgrade

Let's be honest. It's time for this site to get a facelift. 

While, I'm not a fantastic web designer, lately I have been looking at this site and thinking about how I really need a more modern design. I don't have alot of front end web design, but I really want to create an experience that could be modern and usefull in the event that I actually start to take the time to add content....


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Ticket #1: If Excel Raced a Snail... The Snail Would prevail.

In this week's adventure, I take on a trouble ticket in which my domain users were noticing long wait times when opening Excel documents that were stored in network shares. You'll see me Google, stumble, scratch my head, research and rejoice.

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