We are back in Action!

     As you may have noticed, Yellowscope.com has been experiencing some issues for the past couple months. The root cause of our issues was the fact that the webhost I was using was attacked by a group of hackers who were able to effectively place hacked files in everyfolder of every website my webhost hosted. I'm planning on writing a post to explain a little more about my experience and the conclusions I have since drawn.

     Even though i was able to restore my website and database to a new host within a day or two of noticing my issues, I was pretty slow to bring the site back up completely. This was mostly because I have been sidetracked with other personal projects along with my day job and life craziness..... I apologize.

     Please accept my apology with this gift of a new Website Design. I know it's not perfect as I'm not that great of a designer, however it's always good to practice up on your CSS skills.