Ticket #2: Exchange Database Issues, or Something a Bit Different?

Lets flash back to a couple of days ago....

    I walk into the office with a cup of freshly brewed Joe, sit down at my desk getting ready to get my day started. Suddenly I hear a buzzing. I realize that I have to take action as the noise is the cry of the helpdesk line ringing. I answer the phone and thats when the issue is reported to me... 

"All of my Exchange Calendar events are missing!"

After talking to the user, I find that he has tried to open up his Excahnge calendar on multiple computers and none of them are showing his calendar events when logging into the webmail. Whats more is that when you would click the button to create a new event, the screen would only present you with an empty box. As this is the first time I have heard of such problems with any other email accounts in our system, i decide to dig into the windows logs on our Exchange server.I found nothing, as if the server is running just fine. The day passes and other emergency issues had to take prioirty over  a single mailbox with possible corruption, I ran a few powershell commands the have exchange check the mailbox for corruption, and went about my day.

Later that evening, I recieved a call from the owner of the company reporting that He was having a similiar issue as I the user reported earlier that day... I was very conserned at this point as these people heavily rely on their calendars for keeping on task. I immediately hopped on my computer, logged in as the owner and saw that all of his calendar events were showing up properly for me. I called the owner back and confirmed that he could see his events, and that the issue he called about was actually something unrelated to this ticket.

The next morning after a scare like that, I decide to log in to the owners webmail just to double check... I found that now, his calendar events were inaccessible as well. After logging into multiple accounts and having the same findings, I began to panic. I double checked that I had current working backups of my email data bases, and I looked at the results from yesterdays scans from the Users mailbox. The scans were clean, the backups were good, and there was no sign of malfuction in any logs on the server. Finally, I closed out of Google chrome, opened up Internet Explorer and sure enough... All of the calendar events were showing up properly. I wondered why my computer at home worked, but not my computer at work, I go to check my Chrome versioning and of course.... There was an update available, after running the update, I tried the webmail, and of course the issue was resolved.

After further research I found that Chrome 38 was released the night before, and this was the release that fixed the issue that appeared after a previous update.

The moral of this story is not to let yourself get caught up in the thought of a huge issue with your systems. Sometimes you have to sit back, take a deep breath and remember the basics.