IT Adventure of the Day: "A specified logon session does not exist it may have already been terminated"

Today I was at the office troubleshooting an issue I was having with one of our video rendering servers. I formulated a plan of action to repair the issue I was currently running into, and part of that process was to remove the PC from our Windows Domain, and then, re-join the computer to the domain. Unfortunately, I ran into an error I havent actually seen before: "a specified logon session does not exist it may have already been terminated"

For a little back story, My server was suffering from a pretty major hardware malfunction and as a quick work around, I was swapping its hard drive into another machine. In doing so, I was und3erstandibly having trouble with the domain computer object not matching the computer that I was now running. I figured a quick way to work around this issue would be to remove the computer from the domai, and re-join. 

After disjoining from the domain, I rebooted the computer and logged in using a local Login account on the computer. I noticed that apparently I had logged into a user account that was not a local administrator account, but this did not seem to be an issue as UAC prompted me for administrative login credentials as I opened the System Properties dialouge box. After that I proceeded to add my computer to the domain.

After entering my domain admin username and password, as normal for this process, i was presented with the Error "a specified logon session does not exist it may have already been terminated." My first thought was that I had some garbage data left over from the previous computer account in AD. After a few moments of thought, and some unhelpfull google searches, i decided to try something a little different from my origional line of thinking.

I decided to simply log out of the computer, and log in with a native Admin User account instead of relying on UAC to properly escalate my privaledges. After this, I was able to join the domain with no issue, and today I learned that if you try to escalate a Winsdows Standard User to Admin for the purpose of joining a computer to a domain, you will recieve an error that can easily head you down the wrong path if you are not carefull.